Ohio State men's basketball: Combined salaries for assistant coaches top $1 million

Adam Jardy
Ohio State men's basketball assistant coach Ryan Pedon [Adam Cairns]

As coach Chris Holtmann has reshaped the Ohio State men’s basketball team, he has actively credited his three full-time assistant coaches for what the Buckeyes have accomplished since arriving together from Butler in June 2017.

They are being compensated accordingly. In finalized contracts released to The Dispatch on Friday, the combined base salaries for assistant coaches Terry Johnson, Ryan Pedon and Mike Schrage top $1 million, a first for assistant coaches in program history.

Pedon, who started as a graduate assistant at Miami University in 2000, leads the way at $395,000. Schrage, who started as an administrative assistant at Mississippi in 1998, is making $325,000 while Johnson, who began as an assistant coach at Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne in 1997, is making $300,000.

That adds up to $1,020,000 in base salary for the three assistants, who have helped Ohio State reach the NCAA Tournament in their first year with the program and have been instrumental in signing a top-10 recruiting class for next year while getting off to an 8-1 start this season.

By way of comparison, the three assistant coaches under previous coach Thad Matta — Dave Dickerson, Chris Jent and Greg Paulus — earned less than three-quarters of what the current staff is making. Dickerson’s base pay was listed at $281,116, Jent’s at $280,000 and Paulus’ at $173,400, amounting to $734,516.

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Just like for Holtmann, each assistant coach’s contract includes the Title IX “morality clause.” It’s paragraph 4.1 (e) under the heading, “Coach’s Specific Duties and Responsibilities.”

It reads, “Coach shall promptly report to Ohio State’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics any known violations of Ohio State’s Sexual Misconduct Policy (including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, intimate violence and stalking) that involve any student, faculty, or staff or that is in connection with a university sponsored activity or event. If Ohio State’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics is not available, then Coach shall make such report promptly to Ohio State’s Title IX Coordinator. Any emergency situation should be immediately reported to 911 and/or law enforcement. For purposes of this Section 4.1(e), a “known violation” shall mean a violation or an allegation of a violation of Title IX that Coach is aware of or has reasonable cause to believe is taking place or may have taken place.”

In addition, all three coaches receive other benefits including $600 per month to cover the cost of a vehicle, four tickets to every home football game, eight tickets to every home men’s basketball game and four tickets to any pre- or postseason basketball tournament.

All three coaches are working on two-year contracts that expire June 30, 2019. Should any of the three decide to pursue a head coaching job elsewhere they are permitted to do so between the final day of the season and April 15.


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