Subfreezing temperatures expected to continue through weekend in northern Ohio

Eric Marotta
Akron Beacon Journal
Much of Lake Erie is now ice covered, decreasing the likelihood of lake-effect snow.

Temperatures across northern Ohio are expected to remain below freezing through the weekend, dropping from the upper to lower 20s Friday through Sunday and to around 18 degrees on Presidents Day.

Lows are expected to be just over 15 degrees at night Friday and Saturday, dropping to around 10 degrees Sunday night in Northeast Ohio — and to single digits in the northwest part of the state.

Forecasters say wind chill temperatures overnight Saturday should reach subzero across much of the central and western portion of northern Ohio. A wind chill advisory is possible Sunday night, especially west of the I-77 corridor.

A westerly front will likely bring increasing chances of snow through the day Saturday, with forecast odds ranging up to 70% on Saturday and Saturday night.

Accumulation of less than a half-inch of snow is expected, though up to 2 inches could fall along the lakeshore in Northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

Sunday and Monday are expected to be partly cloudy, with chances of snow increasing to around 70% Monday night.

Recent cold temperatures have accelerated the growth of ice on Lake Erie, which is now mostly ice covered and is expected to remain so through the middle of next week, when temperatures could rise to the upper 20s.

In anticipation of the subzero weather, Dominion East Ohio is asking residents to consider lowering their thermostats and water heater temperatures to conserve energy. The utility is also asking businesses to reduce the use of natural gas for manufacturing or processing if practicable.

"Such conservation efforts throughout the coming week will help keep down bills and keep natural gas supplies flowing to all Dominion customers," the utility said.

Customers can save from 10 to 15 percent on annual heating costs by setting the thermostat at 68 degrees during the day and down to 58 degrees at night. A programmable thermostat will automatically raise and lower the settings to a preset schedule and eliminate operating the heating system manually. It's not recommended to turn the system off, the utility said, especially on very cold days, because the recovery time may negate any savings realized by the setback.

The company recommends that customers consider using other conservation techniques to maintain comfort and safety, such as saving energy by weather-stripping homes and insulating doors and windows. Customers also can block off draft at the bottoms of doors with a rolled-up throw rug or towel. Please use this link to learn about additional savings tips:

Beacon Journal staff writer Betty Lin-Fisher contributed to this article.