Michigan residents react to 'Ohio: The Heart of it All' banners in downtown Detroit

Taijuan Moorman
The Columbus Dispatch
"Ohio: The Heart of it All" banners have popped up in Detroit, leaving some Reddit users riled up.

Michigan residents recently got a dose of its own medicine.

Banners have appeared on buildings in downtown Detroit, just a week after Ohio revealed the resurrection of its slogan "The Heart of it All."

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced the revival of the slogan from the early 2000s, replacing the old "Find it Here" manta, to both the delight and dismay of Ohioans on social media.

The unexpected promotion of Ohio in Detroit has also stirred up Michigan and Ohio's rivalry on Reddit, in the subreddit r/Detroit, with user u/ch4rli3br0wn posting a photo and many users jokingly seeking out their revenge.

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Here are some reactions from the state up north:

But commenters in the r/Columbus subreddit seemed to dub Michigan the winner in the state tourism wars. However, the Ohio versus Michigan rivalry isn't slowing down any time soon.