The skinny: All those miles help keep him thin

Ray Stein The Columbus Dispatch
Paul Bete plans to give you a run for your money -- he is working toward a career as a financial adviser. [Jonathan Quilter/Dispatch]

Paul Bete

Sport: Men’s track, cross country

Age: 21

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Dayton (Carroll H.S.)

Major: Finance

Question: Looking at that photo, it’s fairly obvious that you are a long and lean young man. What are your measurables, and has your body always been that way?

Answer: I am 6 feet tall and I weigh 137 pounds. I’ve always been lean but I used to be very short. I actually didn’t break 5 feet until high school.

Q: A body type like that, is it a work of genetics, or is this a combination of how you eat combined with how many calories you burn by running all the time?

A: I’m still waiting on my results from 23andMe, but I’ve always been skinny and running so much has definitely helped me maintain my figure.

Q: Are you a big eater? If so, what sort of indulgences do you allow yourself on occasion?

A: I would say I definitely eat more than the average person. I would guess I eat around 3,500 calories a day. Once a week I go to Moe’s Monday with the guys on the cross country team, but other than that I generally eat healthy.

Q: Let’s move on to your major. So you want to be a financial adviser?

A: Yes. Right now my goal is to manage money in some way, either at a hedge fund or as a personal financial adviser.

Q: Do you get to work with anyone’s money now — friends, family, your own?

A: I currently work with a small fund of my own to get a little bit of exposure to financial markets.

Q: In general, what would be your approach with financial planning, more conservative or more aggressive?

A: Being as young as I am and having a long time horizon,  I would say I currently have a more aggressive approach to investing. But as I begin to have more bills and get closer to retirement, I assume my approach will turn more conservative.

Q: Have you participated in any internships that will help get you to your career goal?

A: Last summer I had an internship at Huntington Bank in downtown Columbus.

Q: I throw money around like it’s rice at a wedding. Where are you on the scale, spender or saver?

A: I am more of a saver than a spender.

Q:: As an avowed saver, what is the thing that you most hate to spend money on?

A: I hate to spend money on rent. It hurts to lose that much money every month.

Q: Let’s talk running; do you have a favorite distance?

A: My favorite distance is the mile, and my least-favorite distance is anything longer than 3,000 meters.

Q: Do you prefer running on a flat, consistent surface like a track, or on grass, which can be unpredictable?

A: I prefer track to cross country, so I would much rather run on a track.

Q: Have you ever stepped in a gopher hole or something while running cross country?

A: No, but during one cross country meet I was in, the course went through a beehive.

Q: I’ve seen photos of runners in cold weather wearing like the thinnest possible material, no hats — and gloves. Do gloves really help?

A: Yes. Whenever it’s cold out, I notice my hands are the first thing that get cold.

Q: How many days per week do you run, and approximately how many miles?

A: Over the summer I run every day and log about 80 to 85 miles per week. I cut back to about 75 miles a week during the season. I take Tuesdays off.

Q: Can you describe what it was like when you and your teammates won the Big Ten team title in track last year?

A: Winning the Big Ten title was the best experience I’ve ever had at a meet. Winning the indoor title on the last event was exciting, and winning with all our team together was unforgettable.

Q: What music do you like to listen to when you prepare to run a race?

A: I usually listen to rap before races. Some of my favorite artists are Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. I also listen to the audiobook “Once a Runner” because it is the greatest book ever written and really gets my head right.

Q: How do you pronounce your last name, and what ways have you heard the pronunciation mangled?

A: It’s pronounced ‘beat,’ and I’ve heard both E’s pronounced just about every different way you could think of.