When will Texas and Oklahoma join the SEC? Here's what we know.

The SEC unanimously voted to invite Texas and Oklahoma to the conference just days after the two schools publicly announced their plans to leave the Big 12.

In a joint statement, both universities informed the Big 12 Monday that they did not want to extend their grant of television rights beyond 2025. Both OU and Texas had been working behind the scenes on leaving the Big 12 for at least a year.

It's possible for both schools to stay in the Big 12 until then, but a breakup between the athletic programs could happen much sooner if the Longhorns and Sooners pay more money upfront or the conference itself crumbles from within.

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Here are the possible scenarios for when the schools could join the SEC:

Scenario: Texas, OU join SEC in 2025

In this scenario, the schools would honor their remaining contracts with the Big 12. This would allow them to both save nearly $80 million the conference would require for a contract buyout.

Staying with the Big 12 until the end of the 2024-25 season also means the Big 12 stays intact until that time. Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby has accused ESPN of speaking to teams in his conference concerning realignment. ESPN's president Burke Magnus denied the accusations.

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Scenario: Texas, OU join SEC in 2022

Under Big 12 bylaws, schools must give the conference 18 months' notice of their intent to leave or face the multi-million dollar penalty. If both schools decide to break their contracts early, they'll have to pay the Big 12 that $80 million. But Texas could help shoulder a good portion of that burden.

ESPN still owes approximately $160 million to Texas on the decade remaining on the 20-year deal that created the Longhorn Network.

Should other Big 12 schools give notice of their intent to leave in the coming months, the conference may dissolve before the financial penalty is put into effect.