Ohio State Buckeyes top Illinois State in first round of NCAA women's tennis tournament

Staff reports
Ohio State's Sydni Ratliff won in both singles and doubles on Saturday.

The Ohio State women's tennis team defeated Illinois State 4-0 in the first round of the NCAA tournament on Saturday at the Ty Tucker Tennis Center.

The Buckeyes (21-5) will face Vanderbilt at noon Sunday, with the winner advancing to the Super Regionals against Texas A&M. Vanderbilt beat Xavier 4-0 earlier Saturday.

Ohio State, the No. 10 seed, got the doubles point with victories by the teams of Isabelle Boulais/Kolie Allen and Irina Cantos Siemers/Sydni Ratliff. Winners in singles were Ratliff, Shelly Bereznyak and Luna Dormet. Cantos, Boulais and Allen also were winning when OSU clinched the match.

“At this point in the season the goal is to go out there and get the job done so you have another match to play," said OSU coach Melissa Schaub. "Everyone is playing with fire because you know if you lose your season is over. We’re excited for another match against a good Vanderbilt team and are looking forward to having the chance to play on our home courts again.”

The No. 43-ranked duo of Cantos Siemers and Ratliff lost just one point against Maria Potsi and Penelope Abreau. In singles, Bereznyak and Dormet didn't lose a game.

Illinois State is 17-8.

Singles competition

1. #13 Irina Cantos Siemers (OSU) vs. Tijana Zlatanovic (ILS-W) 6-3, 2-3, unfinished

2. #41 Isabelle Boulais (OSU) vs. Alexandra Abyasova (ILS-W) 6-0, 2-4, unfinished

3. #67 Sydni Ratliff (OSU) def. Maria Potsi (ILS-W) 6-1, 6-1

4. Kolie Allen (OSU) vs. Tara Damnjanovic (ILS-W) 6-2, 5-1, unfinished

5. Shelly Bereznyak (OSU) def. Penelope Abreu (ILS-W) 6-0, 6-0

6. Luna Dormet (OSU) def. Elena Jankulovska (ILS-W) 6-0, 6-0

Doubles competition

1. Isabelle Boulais/Kolie Allen (OSU) def. Tijana Zlatanovic/Tara Damnjanovic (ILS-W) 6-4

2. #43 Irina Cantos Siemers/Sydni Ratliff (OSU) def. Maria Potsi/Penelope Abreu (ILS-W) 6-1

3. Alexandra Abyasova/Laura Fitzgerald (ILS-W) def. Kathleen Jones/Luna Dormet (OSU) 6-2