Mailbox: Defending Jack Nicklaus, and wondering why Ryan Day makes so much money

Brian White
The Columbus Dispatch

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Jack Nicklaus is being sued by Nicklaus Companies, LLC.

On Jack Nicklaus

To the editor: After reading Rob Oller and the cancel culture’s article on Jack Nicklaus, it is apparent they did not discuss Nicklaus’ legacy with St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital.

Ned Lindsey

To Ned: Rob has not forgotten all the good Nicklaus as done, and writes that the concern is that "the Golden Bear's words and actions are jeopardizing his beloved status. He remains the greatest champion in golf history. He remains a humanitarian, supporting and funding multiple charitable organizations. But he is alienating some, and perhaps many, who never needed to separate the player from the politician."

Ryan Day's contract extension will pay him $9.5 million in annual compensation.

On Ryan Day's salary

To the editor: Ryan Day is a fantastic coach and maybe worth over $9 million per year from a cost benefit analysis, but why should a publicly supported academic institution pay that much money when students struggle to pay tuition and living expenses? Ohio State should reflect equitable societal principles and not on the misplaced priorities of the golden football. After all, Woody lived a simple life and Ohio State won.

Michael Oser, Columbus

To Michael: Ohio State and its donors would argue that its equitable societal principles call for paying their coach as much or more than anyone else in the country.

Blue Jackets center Sean Kuraly and Arizona Coyotes left wing Ryan Dzingel  fight.

On fights in hockey

To Brian: I never became interested in hockey because they seemed to fight at the drop of a hat and the penalty is only minutes instead of games. Hockey apologists say that's just a part of the game. What if that was a part of the game in basketball? What would they say? Clean it up and hockey could even become relevant.   

Dennis Singleton, Dayton

To Dennis: Yes, it is part of the game. But only that game, thankfully.

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