Stevens isn't interested in college jobs but still roots for Butler

Scott Horner
Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens coaches during the first half against the Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center. The Nuggets won 119-99.

Not interested.

For fans of any college basketball team seeking a coach, there's your answer from Brad Stevens.

He gets calls from colleges, but none trying to lure him to their sideline.

"The only thing people usually call me for is to ask questions about candidates," Stevens told the Boston Globe. "Everybody has a pretty good idea of where I stand, and I think ultimately I’m going to be here. I think that’s pretty well known.”

Stevens took Butler to two consecutive national championship games but shocked Bulldogs fans when he was hired by the Boston Celtics. He's in his fourth season.

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At this time of year, his name comes up a lot for openings. His name even gets mentioned in connection with schools that have a coach.

"I think it’s all flattering, but it’s certainly flattering to ever be considered, because there aren’t that many jobs out there,” Stevens said. “But at the same time, I’m really flattered to be here and thankful to be here."

The Celtics have Thursday off, giving Stevens time to watch the Bulldogs play Winthrop in the NCAA tournament's first round.

"I feel like I lived a lifetime with just the 13 years in the college game,” Stevens said. “I’m happy for what I had a chance to experience. I don’t reminisce too much about it, but I relish the opportunities and certainly the people I did it with."