Minshew Mania: Gardner Minshew was an immediate hit on the First Coast with his swagger, style

Garry Smits
Florida Times-Union

The Jaguars ended a brief but colorful era on Saturday when they traded quarterback Gardner Minshew to the Philadelphia Eagles for a conditional late-round draft pick.

Minshew was pressed into service as a sixth-round rookie in 2019 when Nick Foles was injured on the 10th offensive play of the season. He went on to lead the Jaguars to a 6-6 record in games he started and was the most productive rookie quarterback in the NFL that season in terms of individual numbers and team victories.

The Brandon, Miss., native was a colorful, exuberant player who endeared himself to Jaguars fans with his smile, swagger, jean shorts, bandanas and reckless style on the field. It didn't sustain itself as he struggled, along with the rest of the team, in last year's 1-15 season. That sealed his fate since the Jaguars were then in a position to draft Trevor Lawrence of Clemson. Earlier this week, coach Urban Meyer announced Lawrence had officially beaten out Minshew for the starting job.

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The Gardner Minshew timeline

Here's a look at Minshew's stay in Jacksonville through Florida Times-Union stories:

Before Minshew took his first NFL snap, the Times-Union's Matt Soergel wrote about this little-known kid from Mississippi who was dripping with charisma.

Gardner Minshew's stay with the Jaguars was colorful and almost always newsworthy.

Minshew Mania began when he led the Jaguars to a road victory over Denver.

Minshew was always a big hit on social media:

Minshew explained at the Super Bowl why First Coast fans related to him.

What quarterback tries to break his own hand with a hammer: Gardner Minshew, that's who.

Minshew could have been a millionaire as a Jaguars rookie. All he had to do was a workout video. Wearing no clothes.

However, he was pretty savvy in the marketing department.

Minshew's father Flint talks about his son's development from Little League to the NFL:

Minshew flew especially high one day with the Air Force.

At one point, Minshew seemed to be the Jaguars quarterback of the future. Perhaps a long-overdue gift?

Minshew will always have this: the last quarterback to win a game at Oakland's notorious snake pit.

An absent-minded sportswriter and Minshew's response led to a running joke that went viral.

The starting quarterback position was Minshew's job to lose when training camp began in 2020.

There was hope last season after Minshew was near-perfect in the season opener -- which turned out to be the only victory of 2020:\.

The best quarterback in Jaguars history loved Minshew's play and style.

Minshew insisted the Jaguars were not tanking last season to get the top overall draft pick.

Minshew came under disfavor with last year's Jaguars coaching staff for concealing the fact that he injured his thumb.

Despite the drafting of Trevor Lawrence, Minshew wasn't going to give up his job without a fight.

The Jaguars trade Gardner Minshew to the Philadelphia Eagles.