Larry Fitzgerald speculation brings out various emotions for Arizona Cardinals, NFL fans

Jeremy Cluff
Arizona Republic

Last week, we wrote a story detailing the NFL free agency speculation surrounding longtime Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and the Minnesota Vikings.

Several sites have recently written stories about how Fitzgerald signing with the Vikings, his hometown team, would provide a storybook ending to his Hall of Fame career.

The story prompted a variety of different reactions on social media, and it evidently also brought out a variety of emotions for readers.

An azcentral sports Twitter poll asking readers how they would feel about Fitzgerald playing for a team other than the Cardinals in 2021 saw 52.5% of responders voting that they would hate seeing that happen.

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25.9% replied that they'd love to see Fitzgerald play on another team in the upcoming season.

21.7% said that they would be OK with the receiver switching teams in 2021.

An azcentral sports Facebook post asking about Fitzgerald's future received more than 750 comments and more than 300 shares and prompted a lot of discussion.

Here is a sampling of replies:

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Your take: How would you feel about Larry Fitzgerald ending his NFL career elsewhere?

Tina Wood: He deserves a ring. He has been a class act & hero in AZ from the start. Bird Gang for life Fitz!! Hate to see you go, but we will support you wherever you land!

Lisa Zakhary Figueroa: That’s his home town. Larry Fitzgerald deserves to finish his career where he wants to end it. As loyal AZ fans we should be happy for Larry and what he bought to the Arizona Cardinals during his time with us.

Timen Moretz: I have mad respect for Larry, but we don’t need him. We have one of the best if not the best WR duo in the entire NFL

Scott Hannan: He is a great guy, and does a lot for the kids. Hate to see him go, but know matter where he goes, he will uplift that team. I met him a few times at TopGolf Through my brother in law. Such a humble man.

Hilary Zive: Larry (2016 Walter Payton Man of the Year) deserves a farewell tour year as #11 AZ Cardinal! He got ripped off this past season without his fans to properly honor him and show their respect after his loyal, amazing career! #BirdGang #1MoreYear

Donny Mike: He’s a Cardinal for life. His words, his choice. And I support it 110%

Carrie Phillips: The Vikings are not a good team! If he leaves Arizona it should be for a playoff team! I know he was from Minnesota but I don't think he would leave us for them! I support Larry no matter what he does! If he leaves it has to be for a championship team!

Steve Splittorff: He’s earned the right to finish his career anywhere he wants. But will seriously miss him.

Gary Christenson: In a world of classless athletes Larry stands out as an all around good guy and a Class act! I wish him the very best for his career and the rest of his life.

Bill Hareid: I love Larry, but sad to say, his best football is in the past. He needs to retire as a Cardinal! The Arizona fans love Larry as a football player, but most of all as a valued member of our community!

Sydnie Coyne:  The Vikings are the only team I wouldn’t be 100% salty on him leaving for. I wish he would stay and give it one more shot but I know they are close to his heart too. I just wish him the best and hope no matter what he retires an Arizona Cardinal! You’re the best man

Danae Beck: Let him go! Every year same old story “will this be his last year?” Who cares if you retire or change teams, just GO!!

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Has Larry Fitzgerald played his last game for the Arizona Cardinals? Could he play elsewhere in 2021? NFL fans have thoughts.

Jim Taylor: Love Larry. But he must follow his heart. Will be a fan no matter where he plays. He is a class act. Wish more players were like him.

Bobby Nunez: If he does leave AZ, I wish him the best. It's sad that he couldn't win the Super Bowl. He will always be a Cardinal.

Kevin Lythgoe: He will always be a cardinal to me but wherever he goes he will always have my respect. The man is a great role model for everyone. Thanks you Larry for being a great athlete and person. Sports needs more people like you.

Jason Sammons: Be nice to see a player, spend a whole career with one team! But if he wants to play a year for his hometown team. I can't fault him for that. Miss and respect to Larry Fitzgerald!

John Henne: Wouldn't bug me one iota if he left, but please please go to a contender. We all want to see him win a chip.

David Majewski: I would hate to see him go, but he deserves a chance to win a Championship before he retires. If he feels he has a better chance somewhere else, I hope he goes there.

John McCrea: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I would have far more respect for Fitz if he retired a Cardinal than if he pursued a ring and I think he’ll remain far more beloved of a player if he does so. Come on Larry Fitzgerald stay a Cardinal for life!

Elliot Williams: Look..I love Larry and all he is, has done and will continue to do for Az. That said his best play last yr was getting the ball to the middle of the field so the official could set the ball down in time for a last second FG. He should retire.

Cindy Poole Santarius: No!!!!!!!!! Always a Cardinal! He deserves an honor of some sort because he is a wonderful human being but not a Viking!!!!

Dave Strempel: It would suck buttermilk as Wolf would say. #larryfitzgerald has big ties to Vikings he was their ball boy when he was a kid, father as a sports writer. I could see it happening, just wish Loyal Larry would finish here and we could reward him with the ring. Always loving Larry no matter what.

Paul Warda: I don’t care if Fitzy wants to end his career with the Coyotes, he can do no wrong

Aaron Camuso: Id blame kliff and kyler if he leaves. Throw the greatest cardinal weve ever had the damn ball

Read more replies and join the conversation about Larry Fitzgerald's future on this Facebook post.

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